About The Bankruptcy Process


We are Colorado Bankruptcy Experts!

In our society, people have been conditioned to believe that filing bankruptcy is a personal failure.  In reality that is simply not true. Typically there are three reasons people file bankruptcy:

  1. Loss of Income
  2. Excessive Medical Expenses
  3. Divorce

Some very high profile people have filed for bankruptcy, Donald Trump, Sam Walton, (founder of Walmart) Walt Disney and most recently, Tom Martino have all sought protection through bankruptcy. You can also…

Our Process, or what we like to call:

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 1 – Call (970) 686-2000

Step 2 – Come in for a Free Pre-counselling Session with Jim

Step 3 – Document Preparation
We will go over in detail the documentation needed to prepare your petition:

  • Credit Counseling Certificate
  • Most Recent State and Federal Tax Returns
  • Six months of your most recent pay stubs
  • Worksheets detailing:
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Income Sources
  • Expenses

Step 4 – Jim prepares your Petition

Step 5 – You review and sign the Petition

Step 6 – Jim files the Petition with the Bankruptcy Court – This triggers an automatic stay to stop all creditors from calling, harassing or garnishing your wages!

Step 7 – You take an online course to get a Financial Management Certificate

Step 8 – You and Jim attend a 341 Creditors Meeting with the bankruptcy trustee

Step 9 – The Bankruptcy Court issues a discharge of Debts

Step 10 – You go forward with a fresh start

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