About Our Fees


We charge a very modest flat rate for handling your bankruptcy. Because we know that other bankruptcy lawyers will quote you any rate to get you to agree to see them, we prefer not to list the amounts here.  Rest assured that when you call us at (970) 686-2000 we will fully disclose our fees, answer your questions and set up a free initial consultation with Jim.  In order to make it as easy as possible for you, all we ask for is a $200 deposit to begin the process.

Also, it is important that you understand what is really behind those $399 Bankruptcy offers you see on the internet.  Unfortunately most of them are “Bait and Switch” tactics.  Those bankruptcy “clearance houses” have a variety of ways they charge you higher fees, later in the process.  Therefore, we will make the following commitments to you:

We will never:

  • Charge you extra for filing jointly as a married couple!
  • Charge you extra based on your income level!
  • Charge you extra based on the number of creditors you have!
  • Charge you extra for the type of assets you have!
  • Charge you extra for the type of debt that you carry!
  • Charge you extra for non-routine items in your filing, such as leased vehicles!

The price we quote you, will be the price you pay.

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